Saturday, 10 March 2018

Firm massage or Deep massage?

The pressure used during your massage can make the difference between it being the perfect massage or a horrible experience.

If the pressure is too light it can feel like nothings happening and ultimately a waste of your money. On the other hand, if the pressure's too deep you can feel like you've just been tenderised like a piece of steak.

Pressure can make or break an otherwise great massage.

I'm often asked how I differentiate between what I call a Firm massage or a Deep massage.

When talking about pressure I tend to use the words Firm or Deep to describe the pressure used. I also talk about what I call a clients Satisfaction Line or Level.

A clients Satisfaction Line is that amount of pressure that makes you go "Oohh that feels so good" and "I can feel my muscles relaxing/softening/easing."

For me as a therapist, that line is usually pretty close to the line I meet when I sink into the soft tissues and muscles of the body and start to feel some resistance.

I've found that is often the sweet spot for most people, not everyone, but most.

I refer to that kind of pressure as Firm, you're not forcing pressure into the body but you're not holding back either. You are meeting the client at their line of resistance.

For me Deep massage means pushing past that natural tissue resistance line.

There are many people for whom a massage doesn't feel satisfying unless there is a great amount of pressure and unless you are forcefully pushing into the soft tissues and muscles. For many however this would be way too much.

I consider Firm massage to usually be deep enough massage. It's an effective and enjoyable level for the majority of people.