Thursday, 9 October 2014

My Type of Massage

Many clients ask about the differences between all the different types of massage such as deep tissue massage, sports massage, therapeutic massage to name a few and which type of massage I do?

There are differences between all those types of massage treatment and styles but the differences between the massage types are minimal when compared to the differences between massage therapists.

A therapeutic massage from one therapist might be more like a Swedish massage from another therapist. Deep massage work can be performed during any type of massage treatment but how one therapist performs deep tissue may be completely different to another.

What is more important when choosing a treatment is the therapist. You will find some therapists who have brilliant palpation and listening skills, who are able to find your tender spots easily and treat those spots effectively without causing you pain and discomfort. One therapist may make you feel at ease and comfortable whilst another doesn't.

Your therapist should be knowledgable and able to educate you on what is happening, why you are feeling any pain or discomfort, give you safe movement and mobilisation exercises for self help and not be afraid to refer you on if they aren't able or qualified to treat you effectively.

You may need to try different therapies and different therapists to find someone who does what you like but is also effective in treating your problems. Don't just settle for the first therapist you try and don't be put off from a particular therapy or treatment name because one therapist you had a treatment with didn't do what you expected.

So the question is what type of massage treatment do I offer? My website states I do Integrated Deep Tissue and Therapeutic Massage. This is because the base style of my treatments are therapeutic and have a firm pressure.

I work with you to help you feel more comfortable and more freedom within your body. I focus a lot of attention and effort on making your Central Nervous System feel at ease and safe by giving it positive stimuluses via the skin.

I will often work in the areas where you have tenderness and tender spots but may also work in other relevant areas also. I often focus attention on what we often call trigger points (TrP) or tender spots but will also work in other relevant areas to help your system down grade what it is feeling.

I also incorporate passive and active stretching, Muscle Energy Techniques along with NeuroDynamics and DermoNeuroModulation both of which focus on the nervous system.

Integrated massage incorporates all these elements as and when required during a treatment to give the most effective results that are possibly. I am always looking out for new, effective techniques to learn and add to my repertoire, enabling me to make your massage even more effective and enjoyable.