Friday, 20 December 2013

10 Tips for enjoying your massage

1. Don't eat right before your massage treatment.

2. Arrive in plenty of time so you're not rushed and can relax.

3. Tell your therapist if you haven't had a massage before or this specific type of massage.

4. Ask any questions you have about the massage treatment and what will happen.

5. If something doesn't feel right during the treatment, it probably isn't, so tell your therapist what you are feeling.

6. Also tell your therapist if:

  • The pressure is too deep
  • You are too hot or cold
  • You don't like the music
  • You are uncomfortable in any way
  • You are not happy with what they are doing
  • You want the session to end

Remember this is your massage and you are paying the therapist.

7. If you want to talk during your treatment, talk, if not don't. The choice is yours.

8. Try to remain relaxed during the session, concentrating on your breathing often helps.

9. Gather your thoughts before getting up from the table, you might feel lightheaded for a moment or two.

10. Schedule time in after the massage treatment to relax and absorb the effects, at least 15-30 minutes.