Saturday, 28 December 2013

Appearing on STV's The Hour.

This appearance is from many years ago before I really discovered evidence and science based massage practice. A lot of my thinking and the way I work has changed since this I appeared on STV's The Hour but I thought I'd post it for posterity anyway.

Friday, 20 December 2013

10 Tips for enjoying your massage

1. Don't eat right before your massage treatment.

2. Arrive in plenty of time so you're not rushed and can relax.

3. Tell your therapist if you haven't had a massage before or this specific type of massage.

Massage: A very brief history

Massage could claim to be the oldest and simplest form of healthcare. In Eygpt paintings in the tomb of Akmanthor (Tomb of the Physician) dating 2330 BC show two figures having feet and hands massaged. In China, a medical text dated 700-450 BC called the Nei Jing or The Yellow Emperors Inner Classic recommended massage of the skin and flesh. In the Tang Dynasty (619 - 907 AD), it's recorded that there were 56 massage (Tui-Na) doctors in the Chinese Imperial Hospital; that's more than the total number of herbalists and acupuncturists added.

Massage styles explained

Below I've listed many of the different styles (often called a modality) of massage you may come across in your travels. The list is in no way exhaustive; there are an ever increasing number of massage styles as every successful massage therapist names their new, cool sequence or routine after themselves and then starts to teaching it to other therapists.