Friday, 23 January 2015


The more we (through our handling) can convince the brain to change its appreciation of its own interoception, by giving it “Novel” interoception to consider, two things happen (IMO): 1.) there is a period of cognitive dissonance (the feeling of an arm getting longer, or spiralling, or whatever, ordinarily associated with a not-unpleasant feeling, e.g., “joie”), and 2). cognitive-evaluative parts of the brain instantly formulate a new opinion as they struggle to rationalise what it "means". In the process (as the awareness part of the brain rushes in to try to make sense of this new thing happening to its organism), "pain" perception is descendingly modulated, as easy as water flowing down a hill. Why? because there is only so many things the brain can attend to at any one time. With any luck, nociception (a kind of interoception) will be less attractive in a permanent way, to a less-bored brain that “feels" its parts moving more and in weird ways; lengthening and spiralling and so on. A movement illusion created by Ruffini endings, in skin, responding to lateral stretch on skin/of skin.
Olausson. Collins. Gandevia.